What little kid doesn’t dream of having a unicorn of their very own?

Little kid wishes DO come true, if you wish hard enough. Our 6th guest hikers this summer were Sparkles & Laddie from The Pony Show on Youtube and The.Pony.Shows_ on Instagram.  To say we were excited about these special guests was quite an understatement. Doing a little research before we met, we loved the way that Barbie (who plays Sparkles the Fairy) was so into having FUN and spreading JOY. Her creativity and child-like innocence is just captivating.



“Sparkles & Blarney Stone Acres Prince Gallahad”… A.K.A- Laddie


Part of the mission of 7th Heaven Hikes is to connect with like-minded individuals who have the same dream to uplift and spread joy. We were so thrilled to connect with Barbie and we knew before actually meeting in person that we were kindred spirits. Another “meant to be” connection, first watching her YouTube and texting with Barbie, aka Sparkles the Fairy, 🧚‍♀️ there was an immediate understanding. A  feeling of- Yeah, I get you, and where you are coming from… Right on! 🤩

We were invited to bring our children to meet Sparkles and Laddie the Unicorn on their property in Oakland NJ. Upon arriving, they greeted us with such a warm welcome and we felt immediatly at ease. Kristen couldn’t help but notice the truck in the driveway and think- a girl after my own heart.💖



We broke the ice by feeding Laddie ‘unicorn popcorn’, and had such a fun time watching  him munch on the treat. The kids delighted in their first encounter and we were all thrilled to be there. Barbie remarked- why are you not all dressed  up? Marybeth commented, well… if we had the fantasy wardrobe, we totally would have dressed up. Without skipping  a beat, Barbie suggested they all go into her place to get “Fairied-Up”



We entered her dressing room and were immediately dazzled by her collection of fancy tulle skirts and dresses.  It was so much fun picking out our fairy gear and getting all glammed up. Barbie showed us a project she has been working on, real angel wings made from feathers she had collected and that were donated to her. Just gorgeous!



We also learned about another passion project Barbie was working on. She has a miniature pony named Pop Pop, and she came up with a fantastic idea to make YouTube videos of Sparkles reading children’s books to Pop Pop. The idea is to inspire kids to develop a love for reading. A fairy who is surrounded by magic, unicorns and ponies, truly inspires imagination!  The setting is a beautiful stable bedroom, complete with dressers, bookshelves and a four poster straw bed. So adorable!



One of the first things we talked about with Barbie was her strong desire to own horses, and how she made it happen in her life. She told us about buying her first house at 21, just so she could have the accomadations for horses. Her whole life has been centered around her love for these amazing magical creatures, and they have given her back so much love and joy.

Kristen & Marybeth have always had a deep love for horses, both working at the same local pony farm in their childhood. We couldn’t believe that Barbie had also worked at Pitmann’s farm as a kid. What a cool coincidence! We found out we had more than that in common during our hike. The Pony Show has a similar mission to 7th Heaven Hikes. Barbie talked about the magic of horses. How they have compassion, how they can feel and connect with us intuitively. We talked about  the healing power of horses, that they are known to help children with special needs and autism.  Barbie told us a story about one little girl who could not walk or talk. Equine therapy helped fix the neuropathways in her brain, and she finally began to walk and talk.



Because of his legs and hooves, Laddie looked like a miniature Clydesdale horse to both of us. Barbie mentioned that Laddie was a Gypsy horse. She informed us that he was born in America,  but his parents came from Wales.  Gypsy families bread these horses to be colorful and flashy to stand out.  In 1996, the Gypsy horse was introduced to the United States. They are also known as a Cob, Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Irish cob or Tinker Horse.





After taking pictures in the Ramapo River, Sparkles suggested we take Laddie to the lake. It was so cool to see Sparkles guiding Laddie with Kristen on his back walking right into the lake!  A total fairytale image! The kids wanted in on it as well, so they each got their turn. It was such a fun and magical experience!







On the walk home, we asked Barbie how she came up with the whole idea of Sparkles the Fairy and her Unicorns… She lighted up and explained her vision.  She had an idea about Gastone (and her other Horses / Unicorns)   and how she saw that they could be such great role models for children today. Inspiring kids to feel empowered about themselves and about their own uniqueness. To feel brave about who they are, and happy to be themselves. The true definition of a “Unicorn”!🦄   We couldn’t agree more. 💖🦄✨






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