Columcille Megalith Park, PA

This hike would not be considered a backpack hike, it is more of a looped trail through the forest. It’s on the grounds of a place called Columcille Megalith Park.

Worthy of a visit from any forest bather or person wanting to connect inwardly. They have both men’s and women’s retreats, that I myself, would enjoy. A possible 7th Heavens Hikes field trip in the future.

Every rock has a story, so it is no surprise to me that many ancient ruins have such beautiful architecture and mystery to their formation. They do not just carry  their own vibrational frequency but the energy put in to them by the builder. Though in most cases an architect is creating and plans out ahead, their intuition guides them. Even the love and care that is created in the rocks placement. There is even an energetic pull from the rocks that have a healing vibration . If you listen each rock each stone has a story and it can be felt.


The more you appreciate and have gratitude for what you do have, the better life becomes. Empowerment never ends, it’s a growth mindset. There’s always self-work to be done and as you do it, you begin to feel a shift upward, in your inner and outer world.

I began rock stacking a few years ago, beginning just for fun.  I was meditating and synching with the rocks. They began to speak to me. This may sound a bit strange to some, by speak, I mean the silent language. Intuitively, I began picking certain rocks and placing them without any thought. Just with a knowing, balancing became a way to balance my own energy and ground. That is when it started to become art.




What I’m trying to convey is, what happens in nature when you are still, you become one with it. Being still and in the moment was critical when I first placed a huge rock on a small point of another and felt the flow begin to move into an effortless guide of physics. My best balances are when I’m in the meditation of it.  It’s like the rocks tell you where to place them,  guiding each one into a specific location. Some people get so good at it,  it’s like they are seemingly defying physics. If a feather landed on the top of theirs, it could possibly knock the  structure down.  I love balancing!  When I balance I feel the energy radiate through and with me. An experience I want to share with others. Marybeth is doing it now too! We stack two sets of 7 to represent 7thheavenhikes!

When a dear friend of mine told me of this spot and brought me here, I was so excited to go. I was enjoying my friend’s companionship, so I didn’t get to soak it all in fully. I was a bit overzealous and excited to meet up.

Upon arriving, there was a gate to walk through, and a view of  huge monumental sized rocks across a glorious vast lawn. To my left there was a circle of rocks with a Stonehenge vibe and a tall man made rock building with huge crystals in the windows. Beyond that, a gorgeous pond with spectacular landscaping, placed right in front of the house. There was a small octagon chapel made from rock, and inside a beautiful rock with flowers that adorned it. It had a heavy door with dungeonesque handle on it, magnificent craftmanship! The trail started right by the chapel. The path we took was full of huge rocks and magnificent rock structures. This place is a like a dream and has a story, a vibe that is both pleasant and healing.

The healing frequency of rocks is available to all of us and is in everything. I sometimes run from it and fall of path. I am human 😉 I’ve taken breaks along the way, fallen then got back up. I  never quit though, everything  I’ve been through has made me a stronger person. It is the best feeling in the world when you are on path and feeling that high. There are so many ways to connect with our inner selves and feel the joy of life. Hiking, rock balancing, meditation, reiki, yoga and fitness… I can go on. Many things have helped me to grow and become more conscious and aware, and less stressed.  I’m so happy to share them with others, as well as seek out new things. We are creators and adventurers. We are meant to feel joy and appreciation. When we don’t, or our monkey minds get in the way, it’s good to get out there and enjoy what you can, and connect.

There is an energy and a story  in every rock. Even an answer to one’s questions if you know how to look. I’m drawn to them and love them!


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