Hiking Haiku

               Hiking is all about inspiration. We walk,  feel and sense as we take it all in. We all are inspired differently. One person may see a bird and think of empowerment. Spreading their wings and flying.  Another person may see the same bird and see or think transformation, another person may see nothing. Hiking Haiku is not about a Haiku. It is however, about journaling or writing poetry, and of course you can write a Haiku!
      Our Haiku event will begin with our hike destination and our cameras. Cell phones are worthy of this experience as well as your best camera. Each person will be getting a journal and a pen. We will set off on our journey exploring, stopping and taking pictures of the things that catch our eyes and thoughts. enjoying each others company. It's not about us, it is about you... So when you see something that catches your attention, feel the inspiration and simply hold on to that moment. We will all stop for each other as we see the things we want to photograph. Some of us may see the same things. Some will see what noone else sees.  It'll be so much fun investigating the area with wonder.
    When we get to our desired destination of the day. We will all sit down and pull out our journals and pens. We'll take a moment to think of something that stood out to us. Pick a photo that sparks a thought or feeling and write it down. It can be an expression, a poem, or even have nothing to do with the pictures. It could be a thought about anything that happened on the hike that you appreciated or felt good about. What inspired Kristen to do this hike is her love for writing poems. It's another of many channels of  release and creation, much like a form of therapy. So it's another outlet along with reiki and yoga that she uses and wants to share. After words we will have a snack and go around and share our thoughts or poems or Haiku.


Here is an example of a poem inspired by a Rose left on a bench in the woods.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.34.05 PM

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Not Be So Sweet

A rose by any other name would not be so sweet
Why is it you have given me this treat...
while I walk up apon this seat . Acceptance upon this face ...
shows no defeat.
It is actually the place where you and I meet .
A rose by any other name would not be so sweet.
Dried up and
Yet... here I still find-
The image of your beauty still
burned in my mind.
A pleasant gift I see you there
Left here for me
You see me there
A rose by any other name would not be so sweet
and a rose given by any other would not be the same
For your name I'll never hold in vain

~Kristen Davis