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What is The Green Revolution Show? It is a multimedia platform that has been created by Alexander Graham Marcoulides to awaken consciousness about the environment. His idea is to bring together thought leaders around the world to teach people how to thrive with nature. Alex’s passion is to help fight global warming by educating, inspiring and empowering people on issues such as how to reduce toxins in your own backyard, clean up our environment, and to coexist with nature in a mutually beneficial way. The Green Revolution Show has already taken action by using 50% of profits to plant trees in inner city areas across the country, serving the communities that could most benefit. Their first big goal is to plant 1000 trees in the top 10 most polluted cities in the United States. They have interviewed leaders in government, entertainment, and education questioning how we can take realistic steps of action towards climate change, and the cleaning up of the environment.

It was Kismet when Kristen spotted Alex and Lisa at Ramapo Reservation. A total synchronicity as the universe conspiried to place them all at the right place, right time. While trail running, she spotted them with a bat, and she felt the compulsion to ask to take a picture and use it on and our Instagram.



Kristen is always finding creatures and thought it was so cool to see another fearless person connecting with animals in nature. They started a conversation, about The Green Revolution Show and 7th Heaven Hikes, and it seemed like such a perfect collaboration.


A week later we planned to take The Green Revolution Show for a guest hike, at Camp Glen Gray in Mahwah. We met Lisa and Alex at their home before heading out on the hike. Immediately smiling and friendly, they were very hospitable and a pleasure to be with. They had an adorable kitten that they explained had just found them, wandering into their property and that somehow little ‘Jaguar Paw’ chose them as his parents.


We started our hike, and Alex talked about all he’s done so far, and about how far he wants to go. His vision is so clear and he’s so passionate about it, you just know he will achieve all his dreams. He genuinely believes in himself and his ideas, and it was wonderful to hear all about it. He is an educated enviromentalist with a huge vision. They say one person can’t change the world, but one casting a stone can cause a ripple. We felt the huge ripples he has started with his passionate love for the environment.  It’s awesome to know that his commitment can make a change in this world,  because education is a powerful weapon that can be used for the greater good. He wants to empower people to live alongside nature beneficially, and he certainly has the knowledge, passion, drive and know-how to do just that.

We learned a lot about  The Green Revolution Show and about the interviews he’s had the guts and tenacity to make happen. He’s not alone and there are some highly notable people who have his back. He had a supportive moment with Seal and even a connection to Leonardo DiCaprio.  He has interviewed powerful people in government like Newark’s NJ’s own  Cory Booker  and California’s gubernatrial candidate Gavin Newsome.



We had a conversation about sustainable gardens in prisons and this is a cause, dear to Kristen’s heart for many reasons. She supports their idea and would love to get in on the action.




We hit it off great with Alex and Lisa and had such wonderful conversation along the way. One of their stories  they told us about was an incredible bear experience when they were visiting Banff National Park  a place known to have grizzly bears, but they were told, –good luck actually seeing one. Then, they indeed had a magnificent encounter. There are so many wonderful creatures to learn about, and to find in nature, and seeing Lisa’s favorite Grizzly was a thrilling and amazing experience.

Our whole entire hike was one with a positive vibe, and it was a bonding experience. We learned so much about Alex and Lisa, even aside from The Green Revolution Show. We felt at ease talking about deep and personal things, because we felt like we were on the same wavelength. Along the trail they pointed out historical facts about the property and we happened upon the area where ‘Sanders’ farm used to be.


It’s always cool to see old foundations and structures in the woods. It makes you wonder, who? and what? occurred there before.  We also learned alot about the native creatures… at one point, Alex turned over a log and there was a cute little orange salamander. Lisa held it up so we could get a picture.

Then we follwed the trail up the lookout. It was a beautiful sight peering out at the horizon. We stopped so Kristen could stack some rocks, and then Alex came up and handed Kristen a huge white rock. Turns out it was chert rock, a very cool ancient rock that was used as a raw material for the construction of stone tools.


On our way back we came across a lot of frogs. Frogs gallore… and it seemed to carry on through from our hike the day before.





After catching a few frogs, Alex held one and enlightened us further about the little amphibian. We were lucky enough to record a bit of it. To be quite honest, when you watch people passionate about what they’re doing, they effortlessly embody a great vibe about what they believe, and it shows.  He’s definitely meant to be doing what he is doing- educating us on nature, the animals, the environment, and all that makes the ecosystem work harmoniously.

After our experience with The Green Revolution Show, we were definitely inspired about taking action and being even more eco- aware. We will continue to do our trash pick hikes and help along where and when we can. Please check out The Green Revolution Show, like and follow them on Instagram and Youtube and Twitter. They are making a ripple in the water and we certainly hope it becomes a huge wave.🌊

What a PHENOMINAL guest hike and day we had! Friends for life!

Co written by -Marybeth and Kristen



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