Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to be lucky enough to travel the world, stay in gorgeous places, eat incredible food and have the most amazing experiences… as a job!?!? Meet Taylor Deer. She is a travel blogger and popular Instagrammer.  She is a girl who didn’t quit, believed in herself, and even when people flat out told her that she could not do it, this brown eyed flower child did not give up on her dreams.

Taylor always knew in her heart that traveling was her passion. It was on her second big trip with her cousin to Greece, that the fire started to ignite her drive. She wasn’t sure that she could actually become a travel blogger, until she did the research, found the confidence and realized that she could do it as well! Follow your passion, is what they say, and we agree- this is the best advice EVER!!!

  She travels all over the world and brings people on a journey, through her eyes, in a fun and whimsical way. Taylor’s photos portay the lighthearted and easy-going style that she embodies. Effortless and beautiful. This is why she is relatable and interesting. She blogs weekly on her website and posts daily on Instagram.

We decided to meet at the Celery Farm in Allendale, because we knew it would be a beautiful experience and because of time restraints. The Celery Farm never dissapoints.

Listening to Taylor tell her story was very inspiring. She’s very passionate about what she does. Taylor is a joy to be around, has such a positive vibe, and on top of all of that, she is extremely talented.  She takes her own pictures via a DSLR on a tripod, with a remote button, and she edits them as well. Marybeth knows all about the difficulties of that process. It’s seriously impressive to create such stunning pictures. She is also very brave. She usually travels with a friend or family member, but on her next adventure,  she is headed to Japan, solo.  She will meet a group of fellow travelers, and will be with trusted company, but in reality- people she has never met in person. Pretty brave to me!

After hearing just a a few of Taylor’s travel stories,  both Kristen and Marybeth dreamed of traveling with her and how much fun that would be! Maybe someday, but for now we will live through her on Instagram.


  We noticed as we went along, that there were a lot of feathers  catching our eyes. One at a time, like trail markers as we walked along the path, from start to finish. Marybeth said “feathers….that represents travel! Makes sense- Travels with Taylor”. We also noted – ( no pun intended )  that we saw hearts everywhere, reflecting and reminding us of our last guest hiker – Jen from Love Notes, & her mission and story. This seemed so appropriate and amazing! At one point Kristen even found a love note that someone must have dropped on the path. So fitting. 💌



    We stopped at one of the lookouts and a doe ran by with her fawns. Later on, we were lucky enough to see the clan again and take pictures of the beautiful deer family. It wasn’t until later that we realized how fitting it was because of Taylor’s last name. We also saw a huge snapping turtle eating greens in the stream.


As we continued on, Kristen directed them to a part of the Celery Farm that neither Marybeth nor Taylor had been to. There was a big field of wild flowers, being protected and taken care of by their precious pollenators; the butterflies, moths and bees. As we snapped some beautiful pictures, we came across Fred Webber.


He is a volunteer keeper of the grounds, and  we learned more about how it became a nature preserve. At one time it was, in fact, an actual celery farm ( always wondered ) and  how Styles Thomas, with the help of Mayor Fitzpatrick fought to have it named as a nature preserve, thus keeping it safe from real estate development and protected by the government. Michael Limatola was also a major player in the preserve’s history and protection.  Thank goodness for these amazing gentlemen,  because the Celery Farm is truly one magical place.


  We came up to another lookout and Marybeth took some photos of Taylor & Kristen doing yoga.


    Dancer pose inspired a conversation about dance, it’s deeper meaning and how we all feel so good while dancing and that we want to do it more.  We talked about our childhoods, our commonalities and inspirations. It was a great collaboration of minds as well as whimsical play. Just the way a “Wisdom Walk” should be!




On our way out we ran into Bill who lives near by, and we stopped to chat for a little bit. He informed us about the feral cats of the area, the fawns and what was going on with the Canada geese. He was a pleasure to speak with, and super knowledgeable about the goings-on of the Celery Farm. At the end of the path, we all were satisfied with the beautiful experience we had, so we said goodbye and headed out to our next adventure.



~Co-written by Marybeth & Kristen 💖⛰🦋

2 thoughts on “Guest Hike With Taylor Deer from @Brown.Eyed.Flower.Child”

  1. Such an inspirational writeup on how three very special beautiful young ladies are doing with they have a passion for ~ I enjoyed reading this beautiful blog on your fun hike at the celery farm. I also enjoyed all the coincidences that you all came across during your hike! There should be more beautiful and peaceful people in this world ~ it would be a much better place to live in! Thank you for the awesome write up on my daughter browneyedflower child! You 3 are all going to be very successful in life because of your passion and desire for what you do! Keep reaching for the stars ~ <3 <3 <3

    1. It’s no wonder that Taylor has such a loving and supportive mom and family. Her open heart and positivity shows in her charachter, she is wise beyond her years and is also extermely admirable as a role model. That is surely a case of “the apple that does not fall far from the tree”. Thank you so much for the kind words, Kim! ✨💖 ✨

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