Going With The Flow


Our second special guest this summer, this past Sunday July 1st, was Diana Lagomarsino, an amazing Facial Stretch Therapist and Kristen’s good friend. Our walk was a true “Going With The Flow” experience, and so much FUN!



They graduated from yoga teacher training together in 2016 and they’ve been solid friends ever since. They even rent space together for their wellness practices,   Kristen’s reiki and Diana’s fascial stretching. Diana is also an energy healer and is certified in Source Point Therapy. She is a smart, charming girl and takes her education in healing modalities seriously. She’s in massage school now, furthering and expanding her wellness career. It was a pleasure to have her as a guest on our hike.

     Kristen was so excited to have her two favorite soul sisters meet, knowing we’d all get along well. We decided to pick a relatively close hike that we had never been to. We picked Hook Mountain State Park, But somehow, The WAZE app took us to Rockland Lake. I guess they are right near each other, but being unfamiliar with the area, we entered the Rockland Lake parking lot and just decided to go with it. Going with the flow and allowing what was coming naturally. Rockland Lake is not so much of a true hike, but an approximate 4 mile path that circles the lake. So it ended up being more of a chill “Wisdom Walk” where they shared good vibes and lots of fun. It is a favorite picnic spot for local New Yorkers and also has a swimming area with water slides and playgrounds.

We all walked around talking about empowering others and our passions. How the things we love are being used to uplift each other. We all are unique in our personalities, yet so similar and like-minded. This was an amazing collaboration of minds!

   We stopped to demo a little fascial stretching on a fence, but without a table and proper set up, it proved to be a bit difficult. Kristen felt a hip opening and difference after being stretched. She said, it was terrific.

( Later this week, Kristen received a longer session )


Not long into our hike around the lake, we came across a muscian practicing the flute. We were intruiged and went over to investigate. Turns out, she is a well renowned flute player, Christine Smith, ( website up soon ) who plays professionally. She was in the park to be with her son who was attending an athletic event, but decided to use the opportunity to practice in the gorgeous setting. We asked her if she’d mind if we filmed her and included her in the blog. Christine played a beautiful song for us graciously, and we truly appreciated it. She told us how in China, muscians often play in the streets, and that they had adopted a baby girl from there.  When she was there, she was so impressed with the musical atmopsphere. Playing music publicly in the streets was so celebrated, they even handed onlookers instruments to play along. Here is the beautiful performance she shared with us:


A little further on our walk around the lake we came across beautiful sights like a giant heart opening in the trees and bushes ( you see what you are open to see) 

and at one point Kristen was inspired to hug a tree- LOL ( like Puma inspired us to last week )

Kristen even caught a crane in flight from the lillypads.


We found a boat launching dock and it seemed like the perfect spot to take some yoga/acrobatic shots.



Diana is a hiker as well, so the three of us spoke of all the spots we’d like to hike and see, and about paddle boarding and kayaking. It was no surprise that we crossed paths with Matt and Ken as they came to the dock to deboard from the lake and their kayaking adventure.  Super-friendly and informative, they told us how awesome kayaking the lake was. We asked if they’d like to be featured in our blog as well. Going with the flow, they happily agreed. 😄



    As we continued around the lake, we came across very populated areas where many families were having picnics and celebrations. Such a great vibe at this place. We danced and played. We had so much fun, just going with the flow and being in the moment.



We realized that – this is key. CHOOSING to be happy, to be accepting. To go with the flow, without resistance. Having fun, being light-hearted and unconditionally loving, in the moment. It really was such a fun, incredible, meaningful ‘Wisdom Walk’. Thank you Diana, Christine, Matt and Ken!!!


💖Co-written by Marybeth & Kristen ⛰💖🌲

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