I’m calling this hike buoyancy, because of the lightheartedness of this particular hike. As well as the symbolism that goes goes along with the reflection of the day.

It was a busy morning. I had gone to a terrific class given by one of my favorite yoga teachers. Then I showered and went for a meeting. A friend of mine had asked to go hiking, and we never get around to it. Spur of the moment, I decided to message him to join me. He said yes, and we met at Ramapo Reservation.

He’s a local musician-  Peter Holmgrem  

Have a listen. I’m enjoying listening to “Target On My Back”.  He’ll be playing at Mahwah Bar and Grill this friday night July 6th at 9:00pm, and at Pennings Farm Saturday afternoon. He’s talented and creative.

People tend to say I have a lot of energy and that I am upbeat. I was able to see this buoyancy in my friend Pete. His pace was fast and matched my own. I connect when going slow and still, however I love a fast paced hike as well as a trail run. He had a lot of energy like myself.

Life force energy… creates buoyancy. It’s an energy that flows through everything and when you have peace of mind. We are happy and it lifts us up. Creating buoyancy. ( a bounce in our step ) Our conversation flowed effortlessly and there was a positive force. We stopped to stacked rocks and mine had fallen over, but Pete stacked a nice set of 7. Marybeth was hiking at the same time at Ramapo as well. She took a picture at the of the stack at the waterfall. She knew it was from me. She and and I continually synchronize. We both knew we’d not run into each other. I knew she’d cross my area, and she knew the stack was ours, when she saw it. Even though it was his stack and not my own. It was us, and his stack actually looked like one of my own. 7 rocks he chose to stack, and that’s the exact number Marybeth and I do when we stack for 7thheavenhikes.

Life is all about appreciation, joy and gratitude. We are all human, so obviously it’s not always perfect. However when you slow down a moment and appreciate something in every moment, things begin to shift. Today there was no need to slow down, we where in the moment and effortlessly enjoying the hike. We found an area to swim in. I didn’t go under this time, because I had makeup on from a meeting earlier that day. However, I sneakily changed into my suit and got in. The area we found was like a hot tub. The opening had a rock bench perfect for two or three people, in the shape of a tub. The view and the area was terrific! Plus nothing clears away negative energy better then Earth’s natural water. Not that we needed it. Pete dove right in and swam out. After a while he came back and sat next to me. As we sat there, I noticed that we where playing with our arms and hands gliding them back and forth across the top of the water. It felt like the water was pushing up. Almost as though you could walk on it. Pliable almost… and soft. The sensation of it under my hands and forearms was terrific.  I could tell he felt it as we synchronized playing with it. He described it as buoyant. Like you could just float on top of it. Yes you got it! Buoyancy…reflecting back to the day and a fun hike. The water symbolizing to me in a reflection, buoyancy, happiness, the life force that is energy. “Keep it light …Keep it buoyant…be bright”


A little montage to reflect a great day!

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