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Our Vision

We truly believe that life is supposed to be a joyful experience for everyone. Through simple techniques, we can help you learn how to calm the critical mind. You can wake up eager for the day and start living a more joyful life. Walking meditation, or "Wisdom Walks" along with other modalities can enrich your life and you can learn how to consciously create the life of your dreams.


Our Story

Our creative vision for "7th Heaven Hikes" has been in the works for a long time. Even before we ever realized it could actually be a business. Our passion for hiking, deep talks, spirituality and well-being have  created the desire and therefore the ideas and inspirations that have molded the clay to create the perfect platform for our vision.

Meet the Wonder Twins

Kristen and Marybeth met way back in the 70s in kindergarten. Little did they know they would reunite more than 30 years later through Facebook and connect over having young children and similar lives. They discovered how amazingly alike their lives were, and became incredible friends. They were each other's confidant and uplifter, and their friendship enriched each other's lives.  They jokingly started to call themselves the 'Wonder Twins'. MB and Kristen would often meet to hike and over time without realizing it, through "Forest Bathing" they became aware that joy and happiness was essential to aligning them with their true calling.


Marybeth Albohn


Life-Long Soul Seeker

Meditation Coach

Hiking Enthusiast


Marybeth has always considered herself a kind person, an aware soul, and a deep thinker. Because she has been blessed with a very creative and sometimes "overactive mind", Marybeth has sought out ways to bring peace and calm into her life. A life-long lover of nature, hiking has been in her exercise routine since childhood. It wasn't until learning "Appreciation, Asking and Allowing Meditation Techniques", that Marybeth saw a miraculous change in every aspect of her life. Marybeth is a an artist, a photographer, videographer and graphic designer.  It was an ah-ha moment when she realized that she could combine all of her skillsets with her passions for hiking and meditation. She truly believes that everyone deserves to realize their own inner beauty and power, and it has become her passion to share this knowledge with others.

7th heaven

Take a Hike...With Us!



Kristen Davis


Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

Yoga Instructor

Hiking Enthusiast


Kristen has always been intuitive and a deep thinker. She has suffered with bouts of depression and severe anxiety through the years. She was lead to the practice of yoga. Being an empath and curious of energy, she was called to get certified for Reiki. It helped with her anxiety. Adding to her metaphysical skillset,  She then became a 200 hour LifePower certified yoga teacher. Without reiki, meditation, yoga, and her creative outlets, she would not be where she is today. Kristen desires to share what helped her; to teach others and help people learn their own innate healing abilities. She has a connection to nature and is an avid hiker and trail runner. Kristen is certified by the Jikiden Kenkyukai Institute for both 1 & 2 Shoden & Okuden modalities. She is a member of IARP International Association of Reiki Professionals and insured.




7th Heaven Hikes

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