This was our third guest hike this summer, and we were so excited  that MB &  Jennifer Belthoff  would finally meet!  Our hike was full of inspiration, and like-minded conversations.


Jennifer and Kristen graduated together from yoga teacher training in 2016. She learned about her ‘Love Notes’ non-profit during their training.❤ “I find it so beautiful and amazing, and I even mentioned to Marybeth, that if I knew Oprah, I’d ask her to have her on the show.” commmented Kristen,  “This is one sweet kind soul, doing a wonderful thing.” Jennifer connects people through handwritten notes sent through the mail. Pairing people up to send a postcards or letters, based off the weekly prompt, giving people something to look forward to in their mail.

She runs a group and community called “Love Notes”  from her website, and on Facebook and Instagram. @lovenotesfairy 💌🧚‍♀️

We took Jennifer to Stairway to Heaven Hike , the Vernon Boardwalk

We parked at the lot on Vernon Warwick Road, and crossed the street to get to the cow pasture.  The 2 board path starts there and goes past a farm over a muddy field with cows roaming around.


Then, you get to a little wooden staircase that leads to train tracks that you must cross. Jennifer and Kristen stopped to do ‘tree pose’.


On the other side of the tracks is one more little wooden staircase that takes you to another 2-boarded-wide path.  We talked about love, and  how we invisioned our futures, and how we want to inspire and uplift.  It was really a wonderful time spent by the three of us in such a delightful setting. The path is filled intoxicating scents, butterflies, gorgeous wildflowers and trees.

The path twists and turns, winds through some wooded trails over a couple of streams and comes back to the boardwalk part, eventually. We noticed that we were seeing natural hearts all over the place. Of course- we even talked about how we started to notice the sun hearts caused by the shadows of leaves, a few days before the hike, as if preparing us for Jennifer.  💖


We had fun taking pictures & MB loved snapping cute shots of Kristen and Jennifer.




We finally made it to the larger boardwalk and were blown away by the beauty that surrounded us.



When we came upon the suspension bridge, Kristen took an opportunity to climb up on the amazing wood structure and goof around a bit.


As she came down, we started walking away and she saw fingers on the corner of the bridge. They where coming from underneath, and she said “Hey! I’m not the only one climbing!”  Then as we came off the bridge we met the fellow acrobat, his name was Mike, and he was there with his daughter. Mike told us about slack roping, and his daughter proclaimed him to be the best at it.  She was so adorably proud of her dad, and the fact that she does it too. (We love that!) Kristen tried to tight rope once, but slack rope is a bit different, so she will be adding it to her bucket list of new experiences.



We continued further on the boardwalk trail, until we came upon a really beautiful new opening and atmosphere. from a different angle, you could see the mountains and one particular tree stood out. There was a Monarch butterfly playing with us, following us.  As we neared the end, Kristen asked to take a picture of Marybeth and Jennifer and as they over they leaned over at the exact spot Kristen suggested, they were surprised to see a huge snapping turtle peeking his head above the water. What a treat!



On our way back we bumped into Mike and his daughter again, at the same bridge. Synchronicities. Kristen wanted to hang upside down for a picture, and then we ran into two girls Meagan and Kearsley. They expressed that Kristen  inspired them to climb too. We almost walked away without asking them for a picture and to be in the blog, but we realized- Wait a second- they said the magical word- INSPIRED. That’s what we are trying to do here. Share, inspire, connect.  So we took a shot of them climbing on the bridge, and they where kind enough to allow us to post it. 💖 XOX 💖  Mike too. They all where friendly warm hearted and smiling. It seemed being in nature, forest bathing and connecting, made everyone happy.



We also came upon a part of the trail that was a turtle haven.. lots of little box turtle families, just chilling in the sun. SO CUTE!



When we approached the last part of the boardwalk. Jennifer was behind Kristen, Marybeth in front of her. All of the sudden, out of nowhere, Kristen’s phone started playing Familiar by J Balvin and Liam Payne, all by itself! She looked at Jennifer and said what is that? As she pulled the phone out of her pocket, the music blaring. Marybeth turned around and being inspired, she caught Kristen dancing. SO MUCH FUN!


We had some giggles, then headed to the other side to hike. We didn’t get very in, far but it was a good hike, and we all are inspired to go back.


It was a wonderful day, and it was so nice to hear Jennifer talk about her Love Notes. We love that you can nominate someone based on their own personal story and then,  that person is blessed with random love notes from people who want to give love and spread joy. Kristen was happy to participate and send to someone who needed a little extra love. She remarked how good it felt and how it must make their day and uplift them. We headed home, and Jennifer stopped by Kristen’s for a reiki demo.  She was so happy to share with her what she loves to do as well.  Please like and follow lovenotesfairy on Instagram!

~Collaboration between Marybeth and Kristen ❤⛰⛅





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